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How to start writing your family history - a workshop in Lymington Hampshire -

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how to start writing your family history
How to start writing your family history

How to start writing your family history

Because I am very keen to encourage all family history researchers to think about how their work is going to be preserved and how they plan to share it with current and future generations, I am running a workshop on Wednesday 28th June in Lymington in Hampshire called How to start writing your family history.

In this workshop you will discover why lists of names and dates are not interesting for most people and how you can bring your research to life by starting to develop your own unique stories based on your family history research.  It is these stories that will help to ensure that your years of painstaking and thorough research is not eventually confined to a dusty attic or worse still a dustbin.

The workshop is being held at the Hayloft* in the Lymington Centre, New Street, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 9BQ on Wednesday 28th June 2017. Kick off is 7.30pm and the finish time is 9.45pm. The price to attend is £15 pp which will include refreshments.

Family historians are also social historians

I have run workshops for a number¬†of family history groups and U3A groups and I always encourage people to see themselves not¬†only as family historians but also as social historians. Social history is all about¬†the events and times surrounding the lives of ‚Äėordinary‚Äô people – the very people your research will have uncovered.¬†The lives of your ancestors are unique but there will also be many experiences they shared with their contemporaries. So, by doing some additional background research, you will be able to put the¬†lives of your ancestors into an historical context and get a better understanding of how the world and the people around them affected and influenced their lives.

No previous writing experience necessary

Don’t worry if you are a new or inexperienced writer. I¬†will show you just how easy it is to get scribbling. I hope you will go away not only with some ideas about how you can get started writing your unique stories but also with the belief that you can do it. If you don’t tell your stories nobody will so don’t let your precious research go to waste.

How to book a place

You can book a place using our Contact form or you can email or phone 07801 291165.

*Please note that wheelchair access is not available at this venue